Twente, lonely part of the planet (I)

Amsterdam to Berlin by train, a short stop in Hengelo before crossing the border - to Germany - that used to be a real barrier in the previous century. Like riding into most railway stations in the Netherlands, also Hengelo tries to be the ugliest  of all. A good reason to continue. Plus continuing to recover from the shock that cliches in Amsterdam didn't become true. Or using the wrong mix when ticking off one of the highlights promised by the stereotype leaded travelguide: the coffeeshop.

Therefore not many people know - or after the Amsterdam vibe: realize - they are crossing the most scenic part of the Netherlands: Twente.

And that's good, less is more.

The region also gets more and more beautiful because it will be conserved due to ignorance and the greater part of the Lowlands including Amsterdam will disappear in the sea in due time, thanks to global warming.

Twente approach of cycling to recycling

Though the famous Rough Guide knows to soe details and has an opinion: Not many people visit that region and that's understandable. There's not much in this conservative area. One pretty good museum in Enschede and some buildings reminding at the textile industry.

Thank you Rough Guide, no Volendam and Keukenhof crowds in Twente is the dominating mood there..

But the Lonely Planet's intellignece service is working better. 

And that is causing a big fear. They like to take the world to Twente.

The world is threatening the lonely planet part of Twente

Lonely Planet will launch a new guide in 2010 and due to some contributions on the Thorn Tree Forum, a both sneaky and cheap way to gather information it will become a tremendous update for Twente.

They will be prepared:

One of the least colourful gardens of

1. Boomkamp Gardens in Borne, is expanding the parking lot.

2. Aan de Stegge, Goor, too much? Send them to Hundertwasser in Vienna.

3. Tiny town Ootmarsum, take care, look what happened to Cinque Terre.

4. Sound barrier will be broken by clog marshes

5. Cycling will be in crowds asround the Lake Constance.

Twente en Salland have got a perfect designated infrastructure for cycling

6. Hooligans will fight to the FC Twente football fans. The club disturbs business as usual in the Dutch championship by winning the championship every year.

7. Everybody will study on the cheap at TU Twente (

So not too many people and if they come, it is preferred by public transport or bicycle. T prevent CO2-emission and global warming. The Twent like his/her fellow-countrymen but like to stay them as long as possible in the Randstad where Hansje Brinkers is working hard to protect them against the water by putting his finger in the hole of a dyke :

Next posting about opportunities for people for whom small is beautiful.


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