Gorgeous North Dakota

Dear cousins in the USA,

Yesterday I googled a gorgeous serious of North Dakota pics. It's still more sceneric and overwhelming than my brothers and sisters told when they were visiting you. And the photos they showed were already impressive. 

Some of them have been taken near South Heart (at least east of Belfield), I understand. Your roots, AnneMarie, Rita and Hank.

We look forward to visit the area.

What about the possibiliy to emigrate and live there?

There's still a barn and I'm sure we can develop some business to stay alive. Or we can work in Medora. And promote the Maah Daah Hey Trail. I can be the guide and mechanic (broken spokes and chains) and Ellen is an expert in catering. Nutrition is important for the cyclists and hikers. And the Dutch, being famous as cyclists (and building dykes) may give a real boost to the ND tourism. Maybe they carve our heads in the rocks like Mount Rushmore. The name of the new highlight: Mountcycle and Relaxmore.

We invite John McCain to open it. Because I've a nice memory, riding the McCain-loop in the Saguaro National Park, west of Tucson, AZ.

I suppose you know his name and credits?

Then, after some years, many people come to the 'good trails in the badlands' (title of your article, sent to me, AnneMarie) and North Dakota will attract more active tourists than Moab (UT). People forget, the state has a great advantage: it's the cheapest of the USA for lodging and dining, I read in the Los Angeles Times. (hope the link works),0,824587.photogallery?index=1

It's really a special area and many people will be blasé after some time to queue in the gigantic  number of visitors in Yellowstone or Yosemite, though they are super-gorgeous. It has all been showed in National Geographic and Animal Planet.

Here is the site about ND, seen by a cyclist. That should be realistic...

Maybe we can hang around a bit and investigate possibilities. There's only one condition: we should live near open water where Ellen can have a swim in the early morning, about 7:00 a.m.

But first the most important:

visit you, Clemm and Mary Ann in Bismarck and have a good time.

And meet Hank and Rita, coming from Albuquerque and Tucson, especially to meet and greet Ellen.


P.S. Who looks after Hank's peaches? And Rita, can you miss  Ryan that long ? Or do you bring him? Then I take care of him, e.g. we visit the rodeo and I think I can stop him from climbing the bull's back.


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