Lordsburg, New Mexico.
A small town not to be missed when you travel the southern tier between Miami and Los Angeles.
Interstate 10 skirts Lordsburg.
Burlington North and Santa Fé's (BNSF) freighttrains pass 50 times daily. Last year more than a hundred.
One Amtraktrain, the Sunset Limited, passes daily and makes a stop. A quarter till four hours late because the freight trains have a privilege: it's the economy stupid.
The Greyhound stops.
Both passenger carriers are searched for illegal people: Mexicans.
There's a Border Patrol Station. It's obvious because there are fifty patrol cars. And many on the road, we saw, scanning the long and high curtain between Mexico and the promised land. 
More welcome are the 'road-runners' from east to west and the other way, such as business people and tourists.

A bunch of motels, 'restaurants', pertrol stations and utility shops guarantee that - after fulfilling human (sleep/eat) and vehicle needs you can leave as soon as possible. The survival stuff for mankind in a hurry.

The motels have been built in the prefab way and though very windy in the night, to my big surprise all buildings stand up right the next morning.

In Lordsburg's adjacent 'towns' there are similar facilities. Plus psychological care. Silver City, Las Cruces and Tucson are ready to receive victims. If you have a talent for a depression and stay longer in Lordsburg than necessary you will be a potential client, the motel-caretaker said.

He appeared to be non-talented I concluded after  a nice chat.

And all people we met there, living and working are very nice and polite. Apart from banging with doors and elephant walking on the first floor of motels no other weird hobbies have been practised. And it seems to be the visitor who does so. The motels front office lady shows us the way to another motel with a big smile because she can't offer wifi... Her Have a nice day is more than the usual commonplace.

Truckdrivers have their good customs too. But they are polite and wait till 05.00 a.m. before they start the engine of their mastodonts in front of your room.

At about 07.15 a.m. it's quiet again. The sun rises and a bright, warm new day is arriving. The shower is ok, the toilet works perfectly, the wifi has a strong signal, the beds are gorgeous, tv is bright and brings good news (and not one criminal item). The rental car is patiently waiting outside, alone, deserted by its adjacent trucks.

And Chiricahua National Monument is nearby. Shakespeare still closer. His ghost is persevered in the ghost town's name.
Lordsburg, it's good you are there.
W.S.: 'The world is a stage and we're merely the players.'


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