Truth or Consequences

Today we left Albuquerque and our hospitable cousins Hank and Norita. A marvellous time and people with a big sense of humour.

They were our guide or made contacts.  Was it a family-visit or a city-break?

The historic museum: Bill Gates started his career in ABQ. The computer history was exhibited in a technical but esp creative way.

Other (real) dino's were also impressive.

Old town: we only missed the cowboys, falling down the balconies.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Norita is also volunteering there. Real Indian art and about the tribes' history.

Adobe houses, both in downtown as in sububurb (village) Corrales. The text entering the village is still there: Drive slow and see our village; drive fast and see our judge.

Climbing Sandia Peak (ski-area) on a snowy road; there are mini-SUV's made for!

Visiting a Scouting event. Marvellous reception by the BSA: American Boy Scouts Association.


Great to have local people to show us the way. And serve us as the best 5***** hotel/restaurant.


So T or C now. On our way we visited Bosque del Apache. Thousands of birds, in the wetland, adjacent to the Rio Grande, just south of Socorro (= Help). It's an important migrating corridor. 
Not many specimen now, but many of the one dominating.

The Rio Grande was agricultural area in the high desert, it was obvious.

In San Antonio - a hamlet actually too small to be on the map but since there's a traffic-light, it is.

We couldn't help eating our fisrst 'burger'. Let's say 'inburgeren' (becoming a dedicated citizen) in the USA.
Two years ago I was a guest in the same Buckhorn snackbar, hitch hiking in the snowy April to ABQ. Now in February it was gorgeous, sunny, 15 degrees.

We were lucky (again) today. Of course: Friday the 13th.



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